Falling in Love With Shopping

Do you ever dread making that trip to the grocery store? Well here’s four ways you can change your shopping experience to be more enjoyable!

1. Shop with a theme.

Choose different cuisines for each day of the week. Shopping for different kinds of foods (Mexican, Italian, etc.) can make walks down the grocery store aisles a little more bearable.

2. Find out what’s marked down, and plan backwards.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of different foods to make everyday. Try checking the papers for what’s on sale and then think of what you want to make.

3. Shopping scavenger hunts!

Do you have kids? As you explore the produce section, hand your kids the shopping list and have them go on a scavenger hunt to find what’s left.

4. Get to know your grocers.

It’s pretty convenient to pick up the brand name packages because it's quick and easy. Try to spend time getting to know the butcher, baker, or produce manager. Ask them for suggestions on what to buy. You may even end up saving some money.