Food We Love

This week, we are bringing our favorite recipes to you! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@FreshSpire) to see them. Making new food is always enjoyable, but do you ever get frustrated when you don't know what do with all of the extra ingredients in your fridge? There are many websites that can help you solve this problem. We've compiled just a few:

1) Recipe Matcher - This website pulls from its large database of recipes. Narrow down the search results by choosing your favorite cuisine. 

2) Super Cook - Updated as you enter your ingredients to make searching even faster. The small suggestion boxes are an additional plus.

3) Recipe Puppy - This website is populated with results from all over the web! 

There are many resources that can help you make full use of the left over food in your fridge. Food waste leads to 20% of methane emissions from our landfills. Reduce, reuse, and eliminate food waste!