The CGI Lead Journey

On March 7, 2015, two of our co-founders, Jennifer Wu and Mona Amin, traveled to the University of Miami to attend Clinton Global Initiative University. 

As Mona reflects, "The day was full of greatness. When we arrived to the campus, we quickly headed backstage for the morning plenary. There we waited anxiously to be called on to stage. The one and only Chelsea Clinton recognized us for our commitment to action (FreshSpire), and presented us with a certificate in front of 1100 students who had also come to CGIU with commitments to implement in their perspective communities. Soon after, we headed to lunch among a select group of students for an introduction to the CGI Lead program. Upon entering, I was almost immediately greeted with a warm welcome from Aled Miles, our mentor for this program. Aled Miles has been involved with the Clinton Global Initiative for a few years now and has previously worked for Symantec. Today, he is pursuing a portfolio career where he takes on various positions in multiple companies and initiatives. We couldn't be happier that FreshSpire is now a part of his portfolio. While most mentors met with their mentees over lunch for about an hour, Aled continued our meeting through the rest of the evening. After leaving the lunch session, we had our first official company meeting at a local coffee shop where we discussed milestones that we hope to accomplish within the coming months. The three of us then attended the "Grow 2.0: Advancing the Small-Scale Farmer" session where we learned more about food insecurity on a global level. We ended our day with closing remarks from the Clinton Family."

The CGI Lead program is the start of a new journey for our team. We are determined to make what we have worked on for about a year now an actual reality. With the help of Aled Miles,  the CGI network, and other supporters along the way, we hope to bring this fully running app to your hands by the end of this year!