We make selling and buying local food easy. 

Are you a farmer who wants to directly sell to your business customers? Are you are restaurant, retailer, distributor, or nonprofit who wants better access to fresh local food? Check us out today!

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We are an online local wholesale marketplace.

Freshspire connects local farmers directly to buyers to create a network of sustainable food. We provide visibility in the market & powerful analytics, to help save time and money.

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Cultivating a Sustainable Vision

Freshspire is a mission-driven start-up based in Raleigh dedicated to empowering local food communities and promoting efficient, sustainable consumption. Our team works every day towards the vision of optimal growing, access to nutritious food for every one, and zero food waste.


 Founders: Mona Amin, Shraddha Rathod

Founders: Mona Amin, Shraddha Rathod

Help make our dream a reality.

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