Meet Elise from Elysian Fields Farms! ~ Women in Ag

Elise has built Elysian Fields Farms over 19 years, starting when she was 25. With her uncle acting as a bank, she bought some land and set-up a 25-person CSA as well as sold at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market once a week. Since then, she’s expanded to a 175-person CSA for Spring/Summer and Fall, and sells at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market, to Weaver Street Market, and restaurants.

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Using Technology to Build Food Communities

But one of my favorite things about local food communities is the community. I’ve learned that it functions on trust and personal relationships, two things that are key in getting nutritious and healthy food to consumers like me. I think that this will always be the case, and that it should. That being said, technology can cultivate new relationships to grow local food ecosystems.

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